The lectures will be held at M10 in Chemical Sciences buliding.

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Dec 10

Dec 11

Dec 12

Dec 13

Dec 14


Opening Remarks

(Paul Munroe)



Definitions of Ferroelectricity

(Dragan Damjanovic)


(Sang-Wook Cheong)


 Ferroelectric Oxide Epitaxy

 (Daniel Sando)

General Overview of Measurement Techniques

(John Daniels)

Ceramics Processing: Going from the Lab to Industrial Scale

(Peter Bryant)

Coffee Break


 Crystal Chemistry

(Jacob Jones)

 Low Frequency Dissipation and Conductivity Mechanisms

(Dragan Damjanovic)

 Quantum Effects in Ferroelectricity

(Sang-Wook Cheong)

 Applications Talk

(Daisuke Kan)

 Physics of Strontium Titanate-based Heterostructures and Nanostructures

 (Jeremy Levy)


 Theory of Ferroic Phase Transitions

(Marty Gregg)

 Domains and Domain Walls

 (Jan Seidel)

 Quantum Phenomena in Oxide Heterostructures

(Ho Nyung Lee)

 Piezo-response Force Microscopy

 (Alexei Gruverman)

Figure of merit of piezoelectric materials for electromechanical applications

(Shujun Zhang)

Lunch Break


 Physics of Ferroelectricity

(Marty Gregg)

 Relaxor Ferroelectrics

 (Brahim Dkhil)

 Diffraction Techniques incl. Electron Microscopy

(Daisuke Kan)

 Strain Tuning of Oxygen Defects in Complex Oxides

(Ho Nyung Lee)

 Applications of PFM

 (Alexei Gruverman)

Coffee Break


 Defect Chemistry in Metal Oxides

 (Jacob Jones)

Tutorial and Homework

(Marty Gregg)

1 min Oral Presentations

Tutorial and Homework

(Nitish, Daniel)

Cooling with Ferroelectrics

(Brahim Dkhil)

 Welcome Event & Group Picture
Venue: Level 1, Hilmer Building
 Lecturers’ dinner
(6.30 pm)
(6 pm)
 Trivia Night
Venue: Whitehouse, UNSW


Confirmed Speakers:

Dragan Damjanovic (EPFL, Switzerland)

Alexei Gruverman (University of Nebraska–Lincoln, USA)

Marty Gregg (Queen's University Belfast, UK)

Jacob Jones (NC State University, USA)

John Daniels (UNSW, Australia)

Jan Seidel (UNSW, Australia)

Ho Nyung Lee (Oak Ridge National Lab, USA)

Paul Munroe (UNSW, Australia)

Shujun Zhang (University of Wollongong, Australia)

Brahim Dkhil (CentraleSupélec, France)

Daisuke Kan (Kyoto University, Japan) 

Sang-Wook Cheong (Rutgers University, USA)

Peter Bryant (Former Materials Laboratory Manager, Thales Australia)

Jeremy Levy (University of Pittsburgh, USA)